RobotixOpen  October 2019, Israel

Autonomous Vehicle Competition

October 2019, Israel

This competition has two challenges: the speed challenge and the autonomous challenge.

In the speed challenge the teams will drive through the course and overcome the obstacles in it at the shortest time possible. In this challenge the vehicle will be driven by remote control.

In the autonomous challenge the teams will carry their vehicle from one obstacle station to the next (vehicle in hand) and at the station the vehicle would have to pass the obstacle autonomously using code/sensors only, no human help/guide is allowed.

Start zone and end zone will be clearly marked in each station and the path along the obstacle will be marked in a white tape (to make tracking easier).

Time will be measure at each station, from the start to the finish and will be accumulated for a total challenge time.​

a. General rules

  • The robot doesn’t contain parts that damage the course
  • The robot doesn’t contain hazardous materials
  • The robot doesn’t contain any material that may cause it to tangle
  • The robot doesn’t have sharp corners, nor it contain any sharp objects
  • The robot doesn’t contain any fluids or gel-based materials
  • The robot doesn’t contain any pressured gas or air sealed components
  • The robot doesn’t contain any hydraulic parts/components
  • The robot will run only or a energy source supplied by Yarok (12V DC)

b.  Dimensions & Weight

  • The robot will be displayed with all its components including design elements
  • The robot fits in an inspection box with the dimensions 570mm X 570mm X 570mm
  • The robot doesn’t weight over 12kg

c. Mechanical Parts

All the mechanical parts of the robot will be either COTS parts or from pre-authorized materials.

Inspection will be performed in order to verify that the robot meets the rules & limitations.

Pre-inspection will be performed in the weekend before the competition so teams can verify their robot is eligible to compete.

Inspection will be performed at the beginning of the competition as well.

Other then prizes for the winners of each challenge we give other awards:

  1. Innovation Award –to the team with the most innovative usage of software and sensors.
  2. Design Award – to the team with the vehicle which has the smoothest esthetics and looks.
  3. Judges Award – to the team with the most out-of -the-box thinking, robustness and creativity design.